Saturday, May 23, 2009

Infinity One Manual : Page 3 : The Secret of the First Disk : : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #1 (for Floppy Disks)

[The original installation described below is replaced for more modern Windows versions by the installation described at the Module "Installation of Infinity One" at "Infinity One Modules" in the right column of this blog.]

INFINITY ONE: THE SECRET OF THE FIRST DISK is the world's first FACTASY Adventure. The Creator of Infinity One is a graduate of Stanford Law School and one of only two people - of ALL persons ever serving in the US armed forces - to attain a perfect score on the military GCT intelligence exam. The CONTENT of Infinity One is in accordance. Infinity One is FACT in a FANTASY setting = FACTasy. It is NOT Edutainment!

Edutainment is about what IS KNOWN. Infinity One is about what is NOT KNOWN. Most Adventures have fantasy missions. Infinity One is about spectacular new solutions to REAL human mysteries. And in a computer fantasy setting! Infinity One is a WORLD FIRST - a Premiere of Digital Things to Come.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for INFINITY ONE are an independent intelligence, a will to WIN, HEALTHY curiosity AND the desire to know. In addition, you need at least a 386er or equivalent, Windows(TM) 3.1 or up,* VGA, Mouse, Keyboard, 4 Megabyte RAM and 20 Megabyte free space on Partition "C" of your Hard Disk. The Sounds are .wav Files.

INSTALL DISCS 1-5 from Floppy A under Windows by running the SETUP.EXE Programs from Discs 1, 2, 3 and 4 (do not run SETUP1.EXE!) to path "C:\" on your hard disk and copying by drag and drop to Path "C:\" the files INFIWAVES from Disc 2, KINGTUT (not KINGTUT1) from Disc 3, PHAISTOS from Disc 4 and INFIBMPS from Disc 5. (For the Mechanics, see the next Paragraph.)

*Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Page 3 of the Infinity One Manual: INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #1 (for Floppy Disks)

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Cym said...

Hello, found your blog using the next blog link. I'm not much of a gamer, but this sure sounds intriguing.

Also, wow you sure have a lot of blogs! Will definitely check some of them out. And your book "Stars, Stones, and Scholars" looks really interesting too.

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the wonderful new blogs I find by randomly clicking the next blog button.

Have a nice day.

Cym - Arizona, USA

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