Saturday, May 23, 2009

Infinity One Manual : Page 4 : The Secret of the First Disk : : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #2 (for Floppy Disks) AND NECESSARY GAME CODES

[This page continues the original installation instructions for floppy disks and presents the necessary game codes, which are are also required for later Windows versions. For installations to modern Windows versions, go to the Installation Module in the right column.]

EXAMPLE SETUP: Insert Disc 1 in Floppy A, Doubleclick on Floppy A and then on SETUP.EXE. Infinity1.EXE automatically unpacks and installs a program icon. To drag and drop files, select, for example, the file KINGTUT on Disc 3, hold the mouse down and drag and drop the file KINGTUT on "C:\" (release mouse). You will be asked to OK "Copy?" YES. The file will then be copied automatically to "C:\KINGTUT".

CODE REQUIREMENTS are minimal but required for three of the five game DISCS. The Code for Disc 1 is 777778. Which spin buttons? Try it first without our subsequent manual instruction. The Code Riddle for Disc 1 is the Timeship Corrected 29th Pharaoh ANDIS. The Starter for Disc 2 is found in the game near the Minotaur. The Code for Disc 3 is one reward for mastering the Labyrinth! Disc 4 can be played without code. It is for the INTERESTED only.

YOUR MISSION is to find the lost Professor Redmoon by finding your way through the original Labyrinth of Antiquity, the famed Labyrinth of Minos and the Minotaur. On your way, you will decipher the thus far undeciphered first information disk of antiquity, the Phaistos Disk. You will also discover the origins of the Pharaohs and the Hebrews (here revealed for the first time.) You will DO Battle with strong adversaries.

WHEN IN DOUBT summon FANGOLIA. Oh, by the way, spin left down twice and right down twice and then right up five times!* Now, you can go for the Gold!

*You must Start (or) Restart at 777777 and then Spin to Go.

Page 4 of the Infinity One Manual : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #2 (for Floppy Disks) and NECESSARY GAME CODES

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