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Infinity One Review by Günter Haupt in Windows Aktuell April/Mai Ausgabe 4/5, 1995

Infinity One is a Minoan adventure by Andis Kaulins. It is set in the Labyrinth of King Minos of Crete.

Infinity One was reviewed by Günter Haupt in Windows aktuell April/Mai Ausgabe 4/5, 1995

Infinity One Review 122

Infinity One Review 123

Infinity One Manual : Page 8 : The Secret of the First Disk : Phaistos Disc Symbol Solution Page

Page 8 of the Infinity One Manual : The Phaistos Disc Symbol Solution Page


ENTER the Phaistos Disk SYLLABLES here as YOU FIND THEM
Then Enter the Minoan Word and English Meaning

Infinity One Manual : Page 7 : The Secret of the First Disk : Map to the Labyrinth of Minos and the Minotaur : The First Labyrinth of Antiquity

The Manual Map provides some helpful hints as to directions. To the right is North.
The Main Entrance to the Cellar of the Labyrinth is at square 1, entering Eastward.
The two darkened squares are stairs to other levels of the Labyrinth. The top square has an arrow going left and the bottom of the two squares has an arrow going right. Two squares below those two squares is a square filled with a question mark. Exit to Infinity Castle is at square 60 - bottom middle left. At the bottom middle right is square 486. Some 12 squares above it is a dark circle. There is an Arena - which may not be accessible - and a room marked with a T above it. There are no guarantees.

Page 7 of the Infinity One Manual : Map to the Labyrinth of Minos and the Minotaur : The First Labyrinth of Antiquity

Infinity One Manual : Page 6 : The Secret of the First Disk : THE PHAISTOS DISK SYMBOLS

Infinity One Manual : Page 6 : The Secret of the First Disk : THE PHAISTOS DISK SYMBOLS

As you obtain the syllabic values of some of the symbols, try your hand at deciphering the Phaistos Disk. You already have an advantage over all other decipherers. You know in which direction the script is to be read and you know which side is to be read first. Additionally you know that the script is syllabic.

Many have tried, and failed.

But if you make it through your way in the labyrinth,
The Secret of the First Disk
will be yours.

Be fully aware that the Phaistos Disk is not only the first disk, but also the OLDEST existing written work of the Western European world, and, in many respects, is the precursor of the alphabet. This is history.

Page 6 of the Infinity One Manual : The Phaistos Disc Symbols

Infinity One Manual : Page 5 : The Secret of the First Disk : The Infinity One Labyrinth Command Screen

The Infinity One Labyrinth Command Screen: Use Buttons and Gauges
  • When all else is OUT use the ??? Button in the left corner.
  • To DO or USE IT the 3 left rowed buttons.
  • To Toggle CLOCK and Points the Upper Two Clock Buttons.
  • To keep track of STATUS the Nine Gauges of Status.
  • To Call Change or Talk the Bottom Right Five Arrows.
  • To Go Forward or Turn use the BIG ARROWS. Forward only with the Top Arrow.
  • To Check Position or Direction. The Doubled Coats of Sworded Arms or SELECT.
  • To Call A Member of your Party the Signs of the Guilds & Professions.
  • Before you DO, you MUST first SELECT what you want to do with the 3 SELECT buttons right and execute your command with the 3 DO buttons left. If you allow gauge values to fall to 0 or below - this is cumulative - you may have to call on Fangolia or any or all other characters and TALK to them - sometimes more than once - to be able to continue. Finding an object is good but of no use unless it is USED in the proper place and time. Some objects needed in the Labyrinth can only be found in Timeship Travels. Left and Right upper buttons in the Timeship teleport you Back. Check out ALL Visible?? Buttons on the Timeship to Learn how it works.

Page 5 of the Infinity One Manual

Infinity One Manual : Page 4 : The Secret of the First Disk : : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #2 (for Floppy Disks) AND NECESSARY GAME CODES

[This page continues the original installation instructions for floppy disks and presents the necessary game codes, which are are also required for later Windows versions. For installations to modern Windows versions, go to the Installation Module in the right column.]

EXAMPLE SETUP: Insert Disc 1 in Floppy A, Doubleclick on Floppy A and then on SETUP.EXE. Infinity1.EXE automatically unpacks and installs a program icon. To drag and drop files, select, for example, the file KINGTUT on Disc 3, hold the mouse down and drag and drop the file KINGTUT on "C:\" (release mouse). You will be asked to OK "Copy?" YES. The file will then be copied automatically to "C:\KINGTUT".

CODE REQUIREMENTS are minimal but required for three of the five game DISCS. The Code for Disc 1 is 777778. Which spin buttons? Try it first without our subsequent manual instruction. The Code Riddle for Disc 1 is the Timeship Corrected 29th Pharaoh ANDIS. The Starter for Disc 2 is found in the game near the Minotaur. The Code for Disc 3 is one reward for mastering the Labyrinth! Disc 4 can be played without code. It is for the INTERESTED only.

YOUR MISSION is to find the lost Professor Redmoon by finding your way through the original Labyrinth of Antiquity, the famed Labyrinth of Minos and the Minotaur. On your way, you will decipher the thus far undeciphered first information disk of antiquity, the Phaistos Disk. You will also discover the origins of the Pharaohs and the Hebrews (here revealed for the first time.) You will DO Battle with strong adversaries.

WHEN IN DOUBT summon FANGOLIA. Oh, by the way, spin left down twice and right down twice and then right up five times!* Now, you can go for the Gold!

*You must Start (or) Restart at 777777 and then Spin to Go.

Page 4 of the Infinity One Manual : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #2 (for Floppy Disks) and NECESSARY GAME CODES

Infinity One Manual : Page 3 : The Secret of the First Disk : : INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #1 (for Floppy Disks)

[The original installation described below is replaced for more modern Windows versions by the installation described at the Module "Installation of Infinity One" at "Infinity One Modules" in the right column of this blog.]

INFINITY ONE: THE SECRET OF THE FIRST DISK is the world's first FACTASY Adventure. The Creator of Infinity One is a graduate of Stanford Law School and one of only two people - of ALL persons ever serving in the US armed forces - to attain a perfect score on the military GCT intelligence exam. The CONTENT of Infinity One is in accordance. Infinity One is FACT in a FANTASY setting = FACTasy. It is NOT Edutainment!

Edutainment is about what IS KNOWN. Infinity One is about what is NOT KNOWN. Most Adventures have fantasy missions. Infinity One is about spectacular new solutions to REAL human mysteries. And in a computer fantasy setting! Infinity One is a WORLD FIRST - a Premiere of Digital Things to Come.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for INFINITY ONE are an independent intelligence, a will to WIN, HEALTHY curiosity AND the desire to know. In addition, you need at least a 386er or equivalent, Windows(TM) 3.1 or up,* VGA, Mouse, Keyboard, 4 Megabyte RAM and 20 Megabyte free space on Partition "C" of your Hard Disk. The Sounds are .wav Files.

INSTALL DISCS 1-5 from Floppy A under Windows by running the SETUP.EXE Programs from Discs 1, 2, 3 and 4 (do not run SETUP1.EXE!) to path "C:\" on your hard disk and copying by drag and drop to Path "C:\" the files INFIWAVES from Disc 2, KINGTUT (not KINGTUT1) from Disc 3, PHAISTOS from Disc 4 and INFIBMPS from Disc 5. (For the Mechanics, see the next Paragraph.)

*Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Page 3 of the Infinity One Manual: INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS #1 (for Floppy Disks)

Infinity One Manual : Page 2 : The Secret of the First Disk: The Acknowledgements

Page 2 of the Infinity One Manual : The Acknowledgements

Isandis Industries International Inc., P.O. Box 67081, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68506, U.S.A.

  • President: Andis Kaulins (J.D. Stanford Univ. 1971)
  • Vice-President and Treasurer: Arved Kaulins, Lincoln
  • Copyright © 1994 by Isa Kaulins "That's Me"
  • General Personal Advisor: Cynthia Kaulins
  • Special Theatre Consultant: Renate Nordmann
  • Photographic Effects: Johannes Nordmann
  • Consulting Communication: Maria Nordmann
  • German Marketing Director: Holger Thies
  • Resident Egyptologist: Dr. Dieter Jankuhn, Göttingen
  • Special Sound Assistants: Mrs. and Dorothee Jankuhn
  • Selected Supporting Specialists: Inta Larson, Sarmite Pinney, Lucija Putelis, Sally Kaulins, Jessica Larson, Tanner Larson, Kelsi Kaulins, Tyler Kaulins
  • Solely Responsible for ALL written and game content: Dr.jur. Andis Kaulins, Merkelstr. 28, 37085 Göttingen, Germany, Phone and Fax +49-(0)551-59082 [phone now obsolete]

Infinity One Manual : Page 1 : The Secret of the First Disk : The Title Page

Page 1 of the Infinity One Manual : The Title Page

Infinity One : The Secret of the First Disk : Game Cover Box

Game Cover Box of Infinity One : The Secret of the First Disk : For PCs : Windows OS

Infinity One : The Secret of the First Disk : History of the Game's Development

Infinity One is a ca. 10 megabyte Minoan adventure role-playing game developed by the author of this blog, Andis Kaulins. The game, requiring the download of only a few DLLs that Microsoft stupidly no longer includes in its standard System32 files, still runs fine on modern Microsoft Windows versions, even on the latest current version, Vista.

The adventure is set in the Labyrinth of King Minos of Crete in the ancient era of Minoan Civilization, ca. 1700 B.C..

Between 1988 and 1994 I wrote the entire source code for the game in my spare hobby time and also created all the graphics and sound, except for some of the human voices used in the game. I also had terrific support from my wife Isa and daughter Cynthia.

The game was originally written by me for the following reasons:
  • Firstly, in the year 1980, I published a book about Minoan Civilization titled The Phaistos Disc: Hieroglyphic Greek with Euclidean Dimensions - The "Lost Proof" of Parallel Lines, in which I presented my alleged decipherment of the previously undeciphered Phaistos Disk. I claimed that the Phaistos Disk (also written "Disc") was written in Ancient Greek language and dealt with the parallel postulate - the 5th postulate - of Euclid. Accordingly, I had a unique adventure plot at my disposal, ready-made through my own academic work.

  • Secondly, in the year 1988, STOS BASIC, a superb programming language for the Atari ST, developed through the software company Jawx by François Lionet and Constantin Sotiropoulos was published by Mandarin Software. Since I at that time had an Atari Mega ST 4 and was interested in learning what software programming was all about in order to better understand the new digital age, I decided to program my own designed computer game using STOS, which then resulted in 1993 in the publication of Infinity One for Atari ST computers.

  • Since manufacture of the never-failing Atari ST was unfortunately discontinued in the early 1990's and since I had had to acquire an often-failing PC in the interim, I then decided to port the Atari game to Microsoft Windows, a graphic interface which was beginning to come into its own as Windows 3.0 (1990) and Windows 3.1 (1992) . In what at that time was itself a great adventure in graphic conversion methodology for which there was no precedent available, I managed to convert the Atari game version to a PC version, using Visual Basic for Windows 3.1 as the programming language for the PC, and the game was even officially certified as "Windows Compatible" by Microsoft. I then published Infinity One for Microsoft Windows on the PC in the year 1994.
The compiled PC program was nearly 10 megabytes (10 MB) including the embedded graphics, which was a gigantic software program in those days. Indeed, the program had to be split up and saved on multiple floppy disks to be able to run properly on most computers. This explains why the program was originally available only in multiple software modules, and why each separate program disk required a new access code, which, except for the starting code in the manual, was only revealed in the course of the game-playing.

Today, of course, playing Infinity One is like driving a Model T Ford. The technology and the graphics are antiquated. Nevertheless, Infinity One is a classic for its early implementation of newly introduced graphic features of Microsoft Windows in a software game environment.

Indeed, Infinity One is the first computer software game ever to incorporate academic results into a role-type game-playing adventure environment.

Infinity One was reviewed by Günter Haupt in Windows Aktuell, April/Mai Ausgabe 4/5, 1995). The text of the review is found in the module "Game Review" on this blog.

Below are some copyright-protected images from the Windows version of the game:

Infinity One Minoan Labyrinth of King Minos of Crete

Infinity One Game Interface

The TimeShip Infinity One

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